Thursday, 9 July 2015

Call For Papers: "Mothers Without Their Children"

One of my other long-standing academic interests is representations of mothers and maternal perspectives.  I am currently editing a book on that subject with Andrea Robertson of Ryerson University, Canada.  The book is entitled Mothers Without Their Children, and will be published by Demeter Press in 2016.  The book is interdisciplinary in scope, which is intended to encourage a broad range of contributions and perspectives on the subject, and also widen the appeal of the book.  I am looking forward immensely to working with Andrea on this book, on a topic that fascinates and inspires me.  The subject of the book - mothers without their children - is both controversial and poignant. We aim for this book to move beyond stereotypical portrayals of the mother without her child(ren), to examine the complexities of this particular maternal experience.  We have already received an impressive haul of proposals for the book, and are very excited about getting to work on it!  We are still looking for a few more chapters, so we have extended the deadline for submissions of proposals until 1 September 2015.  If you are interested, do submit your proposal by 1 September to

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