Thursday, 6 August 2015

My article on true crime and baby farming in the journal "The Human"

I have just had an an article published in the journal The Human's Crime Writing Special Issue edited by Professor Rebecca Martin of Pace University, USA.  The Special Issue on Crime Writing features articles by established crime fiction critics, Merja Makinen and Sam Naidu, among others, as well as poetry.  The crime fiction articles in the Special Issue are all really interesting, and examine a range of topics, from Sherlock Holmes and Fandom (Naidu), and Japanese crime fiction by women writers (Seaman), to varieties of true crime writing and the ethical and historical questions this genre raises (Lyons; Beyer).  The Special Issue also features an excellent introduction by Rebecca Martin. 

My article is entitled "True Crime and Baby Farming: Representing Amelia Dyer".   The true crime text I specifically examined in this article is Alison Rattle and Allison Vale's The Woman who Murdered Babies for Money: The Story of Amelia Dyer (2011) [2007].  Reading Rattle and Vale's book, I became very interested in the phenomenon of baby farming and its context, and also the ways in which Amelia Dyer herself had been portrayed over the years in true crime books. 

The publication emerged from a conference paper I gave in June 2014 at the conference "True Crime: Fact, Fiction, Ideology", organised by Hic Dragones, and held in Manchester.  I am so pleased to have had the opportunity to publish this piece, which represents some of the interdisciplinary modes and questions I have been investigating in my recent research.   Rebecca Martin's Crime Writing Special Issue contains many essays and creative contributions of great interest to any scholar and student of crime fiction, and I warmly recommend it.

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