Saturday, 19 December 2015

"Violence in American Popular Culture" - new two-volume book

I am so pleased to announce the publication of my new book chapter, entitled "'She decided to kill her husband':  Housewives in American Fictions of Crime""'She decided to kill her husband': Housewives in Contemporary American Fictions of Crime.  In the chapter I discuss portrayals of violence and the housewife figure in short stories by Nevada Barr and Joyce Carol Oates.

My chapter is part of a two-volume collection on Violence in American Popular Culture, edited by David Schmid, and published by Praeger.  The publisher says of the book: "this two-volume work [offers] a series of concise, detailed essays that explore why violence has always been a fundamental part of American popular culture, the ways in which it has appeared, and how the nature and expression of interest in it have changed over time." 

David Schmid, the editor of the two volumes,  has  done a wonderful job bringing together these fascinating and wide-ranging essays in order to investigate the meanings and representations of violence in American popular culture.  It was such a pleasure working with David, and I look forward to reading all these fascinating essays by the other contributors over the Christmas period. You can find further information about this collection here .

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