Monday, 18 January 2016

Black Cultural Archives news

"Black History is everyone's history" (David Olusoga)

I am very excited to hear that Black Cultural Archives are currently working with BBC2 on a new commissioned series on the topic of black history in Britain.  

Historian David Olusoga previously presented the fascinating and poignant two-part series, "The World's War: Forgotten Soldiers of Empire" , shown on BBC2 in 2014.
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The new series on black history will also be presented by David Olusoga who has also written it. He describes the four-part series as a project which is: "aim[ing] to overturn the image of black history as a marginal side-bar to mainstream history with new, dramatic and at times shocking chapters from our collective past." 

Director of Black Cultural Archives Paul Reid, said: "This exciting series will uncover the less-known historical narratives, providing an insight into the Black presence in Britain and documenting the richness of British history."

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This series will be essential viewing for everyone studying or researching history in Britain.

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